Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One Vicious Cycle

One vicious cycle
That's what it looks like
Something drowned and entangled so deep
Of it you really don't know what to think

They say "Second Chances"
Are the chances Grace gives
But what if someone takes that for granted?
How far would Grace comply?

Caught up in this vicious cycle
Trying to come out of it untangled
But for flesh and blood is entangled
How would I come out of this unmangled?

I look up and "believe" that God is in control
Not knowing whether my belief is genuine or artificial
It has come to this point where situation seems beyond all hope
Making it hard to even believe in Hope

"The abused CANNOT help the abuser"

Something I learned about inner healing
Unnecessary help and mercy
May just come in the way of God's glory
What's right to us is not necessarily right to God

How do you help a person
Who burns the one who helps
How do you help a person
When he's too proud to accept help

Even to the point of death
Evil seems to have a hold on him
Disillusioned in his lonely world of "one"
No one can speak into him

Irrationality clouds his mind
As he demands for 24-hour attention
Whining about how no one cares for him
When those who care only gets hurt

Manipulative in a subtle manner
You won't realized that you are drained
Of your emotions, efforts and intentions
You get sucked in turning the victim

As legal papers are signed
And law and constitutions come in
What seems to be the hard way
May turn out to be the only way

That he needs God
And not fame, riches or pride
The last has brought him to where he is today
But there's still no sign of repenting

I don't know what to think, say or pray
For God has been there and has  never forsake
All I can do now is keep having Faith, Hope and Love
And believe that one day we will all get out of this
One vicious cycle....

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