Sunday, January 20, 2013

Life on the Other Extreme

When life takes a toll on you
You see things from a different light
Not the Light you're thinking off
But it's funny how my brain works

When I'm stressed out and depressed

Seeing the night view eases the  heart
I see art as the blood drops in that cleared water toilet bowl
Walking down 4-storey flights of stairs becomes therapeutic
Wondering what taxi drivers think of the negative stigma attached to them
Makes me over think too much

I also realize that its a mad world out there
A lanyard you put on with a tag on it
And there you have it

Curious stares from citizens and immigrants alike
Some tourist even know whats our local paper

I play a psychology game to keep myself protected
Lanyard goes on when its not safe
Off when I don't want unnecessary attention 

Life as who I'm right now ain't all that easy
Not because of the present being
But cos of all of the negative stories
Case studies, experiences all too extreme
Making me perceive my present world
More scary than it seem

But it is FUN!
And life's a journey
Can't believe I got "conned" into this field
With nothing on my mind to study
This blog saved me when I was Form5
At the end of a great depression
I found my avenue of expression
It started cos my friends were earning money with ads on it
It started the same for me
But nevertheless I found myself differently

Never thought that I could write and just write
And it just eased my soul
What I couldn't say with my mouth
I just did it with my fingers

Never was it my dream to be a journalist
I mean who writes that as an essay when you're standard two
I wanted to be a teacher, lawyer or psychologist
But skeptically ended up being a journalist.

It's too soon to tell
And time would only tell
But I'm excited with what I'm doing
And love my job as so it seems
Its just life on the ......Other Extreme. :)

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