Sunday, January 20, 2013

Remove Not

Remove not these emotions that you have placed within me since the day I was created 
Remove not the capability to feel happiness,
hope, determination, patience, love and thanksgiving 
Remove not the capacity to feel compassion, 
to feel that prick of my conscience to do good and justice instead of evil

But most of all, remove not the ability to cry when sadness sees fit for tears,
Remove not the ability to feel sorrowful, confused and lost at times 
when my emotions seem to tether between reality and a self-conjured wall of security 

Remove not the yearning to be the person you want me to be
and even more than that, 
Remove not the urge to make a difference in this life
and banish notions of wanting to exist, breathe and eat                                                    
Remove not these feelings that give me a personality and character

That I may never lose the gift You have placed within me 
The difference that separates me from the animals and plants 
You have given me a soul that is capable of feeling the good and also the bad
A soul that rages against the unfairness of life 
a soul that weeps when it is afflicted
a soul that learns day by day to depend on You
for renewal, restoration and redemption

Remove not the part of me that makes me human, my friend 
Remove not my feelings despite the pain because without the pain
I would not have learnt to reach for you for comfort and unfailing love
Remove not these feelings for they become the stepping stones for me 
Stairways to honesty and acknowledgement of the times when I fail 
that You were there to accept the wretched fool that I am

Remove them not, my Friend remove them not

*something a dear friend wrote back in 2005, I was 14 back then, but she scripted whats on my mind right now, putting disorganized thoughts, feelings and responses to paper. This is part of growing up but I know I'm in safe Hands. 

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