Thursday, January 29, 2009

this chinese culture I'm in

Chinese New Year is almost over and I doubt I'm even getting enough of it.
Never really thought I will even appreciate it this much!

Its just that I have always wondered why did God place me in such an Asian environment, being all chinese and close minded. Admiring people in the west with all their cool mindsets and openness and even the way they write their music...

But after coming into this year of 2009, and getting older and more mature( i hope), I have come to realize the importance of my beliefs and values based on the chinese culture I was brought up in.

1. We always and i mean always respect elders by calling them Uncle or Aunty before their names.Unlike the westerners who just call everyone by their names alike despite age differences easily forgetting that they deserve the respect they're entitled.

2. We are more conservative, a nice and good accompaniment to our christian values=) thinking of the ways we dress, talk or even think based more on our intentions then on the way people think of us as being cool in the "worlds" point of view.

3. We have awesome friends, whom although share different religions(sadly) are always there to lend an ear or be a shoulder to cry on. They also believe in friendship before loveship(sorry, in my own words,lol). In my case, if there's this guy who have openly showed his affection and they don't think he's right. They'll just down right tell you straight not cos their jealous, but becuse they care about you.

4. We are not toooo vain. Dont get me wrong, I think physical appearance is important but not that important that we'll stick our faces more on mirrors then on friends and their feelings. So far, I havent met anyone like that yet (thankfully) but my friend hasn't been spared cos he has a very english culture goin around him.

There are many more reasons I'm grateful for the culture I'm in. Thankfully, I'm looking at where I am in an optimistic way..loving every bit of it and living my life to its full potential! So all you people who hate the place you're at, be grateful cos I'm sure God has His purpose for you, putting you in the place you belong (for now,maybe) **winks

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