Sunday, January 4, 2009

The transition (changed title from the working life)

First it was friends that you chat around with
Now its colleagues you talk with
But they're all friends we can always rely on

First it was blue pens
Now it is red pens
But they're all pens and have the same uses

First topics were about puppy love, fights with parents, peer pressure
Now its about boyfriends, marriage, husbands and babies
Wait up! I'm only 17!

First it was always chasing up on our homework
Now its chasing the kids on their homework
Is this proof on the saying "what goes around comes around"?

First it was "I can always get away with this"
Now its "watch out or the kids will imitate!"
I guess we should always be good role models

First I was so pressured by my future
Now I'm taking 1 step at a time
Just going with the flow & leaving the rest to God

First it was all about me
Now its all about Him
Letting God be in the center and revolving around Him
Is way better than me being self-centered
Expecting everything to revolve around me

First it was good
Now it is better
Happy and content with how my life is
Taking anything life throws at me
With a good perspective coming from Him

First I was confused
Now I see the picture
Basking in the love He has given me
Feeling perfect in His eyes
And always trusting Him in everything I do!

1 comment:

Evelyn said...

you are really poetic gal! Cute way od describing your working life...