Thursday, January 22, 2009

tragedy, forgivable?(part 1)

Never thought that this will happen
Even more suspect the person
That my hand phone will be stolen
By a friend I once respected.

She taught me to take the bus home
To give the correct change not to get cheated
But now I just feel so betrayed
Cos I thought there was trust in what we had.

She acted so cool on the day she stole it
Read the bible early in the morning
Put on this act like nothing was wrong
Caught everyone off guard for no one suspected.

Came out of prayer meeting in a rush
Searching in handbag for lip gloss and mirror
Realize my phone was no where in vision
Fret but stopped for duty was calling.

Put on lip gloss using the oven
A quick "I lost my phone" to one of the teachers
Blamed myself for being so careless
Kept wondering hard at what just happened.

Put it behind me for the rest of the day
Trying to concentrate on only the children
Was God teaching me a lesson?
Or was it because of my pure carelessness.

Went home angry with self
Flipped bed, mattress, sofas and handbags
Weird, I just saw it this morning
Where in the world could I have put it?

Called my phone umpteen of times
Never heard a dialing tone
Then is when I realize
That my hand phone might just have been stolen.

Trace back throughout the whole day
It cant be that I dropped it somewhere
For I founded it missing at 8 in the morning
But where in the world could it be?

Never suspected anyone near
Never in my mind was to lodge a report
Hardly and painfully thought of the suspects
It hurt so much for they were my friends.

Never thought that it would come to this
But had a suspect I couldn't believe
Felt so cheated but nothing was certain
All we could do was wait for the next day.

Was a miracle that I could even sleep
Let alone blocked depression from returning
But was so frustrated and confused
That aunty asked to just pray and be patient

Went the next day praying that I will hold my cool
But the first words were shocking to my ears
From the suspect I truly suspected
Standing there I didnt know what to say.

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Henry LeE ® said...

It's ok dear, everything happen for a reason and I'm glad that you can let it go so easily. That is why God wanted to bless you in return. Anything happen to just look foward and God will direct ur path automatically each day with your prayer and faith in Him. All the best in your life & career. God Bless