Friday, September 11, 2009

Against the flow I Go

Was talking to my mom just now, cos I felt a bit guilty of maybe not acting like myself in front of people. How do I put this, it kinda showed me how I will react if I go elsewhere for further studies. The ways I will act according to the different environments I'm in. I think I sway pretty easily, but I'm praying that I wont.

Remembering words of Ps. Kenneth Chin from the Acts church, in a REVO camp, he challenged the youth to go against the flow. Like there's this big wave coming your way, the wave of peer pressure, drugs, swearing, lies and sex. (sounds harsh, but that's reality) Or even the way you carry yourself, the way you talk, the little decisions you make. Are they Godly decisions or are they based on impulse. Back to the topic, Oh No!!! The flow's coming our way! but we have to be strong and go against the flow, no matter how hard it is. We'll just bend our knees deeper, strive harder, push stronger and fight. It isn't one bit easy but God is with us. Plus we have our full armour on!

But what really struck me were the wise words of wisdom from my mom in this mornings conversation. She said," wherever you go you have to be so full of God's light that darkness cant touch you" for there's just isn't any space for it! my heart and soul has to be so filled with His presence that there is no more room for unwanted stuff, and I think thats so cool! Living life to the fullest God's way...against the flow of the world.

I'm writing this so that I can account to myself. Whenever I feel things of the world are sinking into me, I'll remember what I wrote and walk my talk!

Against the flow I go
It isn't easy I know
Here it comes my way!
God, help me push not sway

Against the flow I go
The flow the world follows
sex, lies and drugs
like creepy slimy bugs

Against the flow I go
curled up fist
bended knees
The armor of God on me

Against the flow I go
I hope I'm not alone
Friends with the same faith
We go through the same pains

Against the flow I go
Letting His light shine
So full of it in me
No room for dirty darkness

Against the flow I go
with God's mighty army
We're all set for battle
Ready to claim our victory

Against the flow we go
Get set, ready, let's go!
Win our friends for Jesus
For with that no one loses

Against the flow I go
No looking back
Just straight ahead
For I know my Dad is waiting
right there on the other end
As I run my race and fight my battle
there He'll be cheering me on
He'll also be by my side
following my pace
although a king
He's full of love and compassion
yet He fights my battle with Power
So it makes it easier
why 2 of us are together
That way It'll be not so hard
as I
Go Against The Flow!!!

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