Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Many Blogabouts

Looking through blogs I see personalities
Different ones that have no boundaries
Some express transparently
While others give freedom to your imaginary
Not ending their post with a straight-up conclusion
But leaving it a mystery for your own addition.

I see so many people
Friends, politicians and strangers
Voicing out not only thoughts, opinions and facts
But also their hurts, their pain, their regrets
Are they seeking attention
Or finding a way for escape?

Its sad to see old mates
Sweet and nice as they truly were
Ramble and fret over growing pains
Changing as the world around them changes
Being someone God wouldnt be proud of
Looking at life as if its fated.

They cry for help, comfort and attention
Which of course is really what they need
But guidance, morals & principles have suddenly been forsaken
They find love in all the wrong places
And find pleasure in doing the wrong things
When what they truly need is God's undying love.

Some blog about their insecurities
Like when they have no makeup on
But God is our security, the truth we all should know
Some blog about hurting oneself, the pleasure of scarring themselves
But dont they know that Jesus went through enough pain
So that none on us will remain?

There are so many things to blog about
A new generation I like to call Bloganation
Politicians use it to make their statements, to connect with people
Celebrities update fans with their new casting roles & movies
But its teenagers who truly blog not just for the sake
But for the sake of their cries, their hurts, their pain.

Thousand of titles are written everyday
Some typical others not so friendly
Some start with F words
Others with randomness
But it all comes down to the same thing
They're trying to voice out something or even to prove their point.

As I read what is written
I see some write about every detail of their life
While others write about what they hate
Some just do it for the attention
While others write about stuff we can relate
There's just so many things we can really blog about.

So while politicians and celebrities have good reasons to blog about
Either to raise their voice or promote their latest movie
What about us the normal people?
We shouldnt stay in our own obscurity
We have a right to continue blogging
To let go and share our hearts cry.

Its a free world we're living in
But too much freedom
Makes life to care-free
No rules, no boundaries
Statements said that can never come back
We should really watch what we blog about.

Are our blogs representing us?
Not just the layouts and templates
But the real us deep down
When we put off the mask that smiles ever so often
And reveal the truth of oneself from within
Is it postive or negative, Christ-like or undefined?

We may wanna let others know how we feel
The hurt they may have inflicted
Or the joy we feel after chatting with someone close
We may wanna write just as a hobby
Or do it like everybody
But its true when they say what you see is what you get.

So are people getting a good picture of us
When they read the pieces in our blogs
Do they represent who we really are
Or reflect the ugly side or something far
Are we proud of what we write
Through thoughts and poems, for some even swear words.

I write beacuse I love it
Its therapy for my soul
I write when I'm happy
I write when I'm sad
I write about my regrets, doubts and fear
But even more of my gratitude to God for being near.

I write to let go
So it wouldnt be too physical
No shouting or screaming needed
Just sounds from the typing keys
And by the end of every post
I know I cant just let go but I have to let God!

The stuff to blog about are endless
But I wouldnt want mine to be meaningless
And since I know my purpose for life
I'll write about God's glory
Cos for me He's never boring
That way I can tell you how much I love Him!

So what do you usually blog about?
Food, clothes, friends?
Or even your deepest secrets?
It actually doesnt matter
It can be a long long letter
But be careful cos our hearts will truly be reflected.

When people look at your blog
Do they see the real you they see everyday
Or a part of you they didnt know exist
Dont get me wrong
You go ahead and blog what you want
But in the future when you look back would it be something you are proud of.

If you're a christian, lets blog about Jesus's love
Of His awesomeness and the way he died but came back to life
Of the miracles He has done in you and me
They may not be popular or hot topics
But who cares, we're just being true to ourselves
Let's never paint a bad picture of living for Christ.

So go ahead, lets use this new technology
To type our many blogabouts
Doesnt matter what we write about
There has to be true happiness and sadness in a real persons life
Not all entries have to be about cloudy sunshines and bubblegum rainbows
Some may be about hurt and despair
Its really unlimited the things we can share.

But I'm gonna continue blogging
About everything and anything under the sun
But hopefully its mostly about God
For there's just so much to talk about Him
The comforts He gives me
For being my daddy, my friend and King!

I'm gonna write about my silverlinings
People I know who have finished a tough leg of their race
Or events that seem to have no hope
But end up bringing more joy then we can ever imagine
Cos there's always a ray of sunshine
Behind that bright cloud which was dark before the rain.

So how about you?
What are your blogabouts?
Are they emotional, poetic or dramatic?
Just remember our hearts are reflected in what we write
So be careful and wise
For what you see is what you get


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