Monday, September 14, 2009

God vs Hannah Montana (thoughts of a 6 yr old)

Was sitting in for another teacher today during daycare. Set with a group of 6 year olds, helping them with their homework. A girl finished so she started talking.

Girl: Do you like Hannah Montana?
Me : She's ok.
Girl: I like her orh...
Me : -----
Girl: I like God!
Me : Why?
Girl: Because when people pray He will help them.
Me : But have you seen God?
Girl: No. But I believe.
Me : Who taught you that?
Girl: Myself.
Me : Why do you like Hannah Montana?
Girl: I don't like Hannah Montana, I like God.
*(wow, quick change of mind, but a good one at that)
Me : Do you know what is faith?
Girl: Yes, believing.
Me : In what?
Girl: God!
*Another boy at the same table listens in on our conversation.
Boy: I believe in Buddha.
Girl: He say he believe in what? Dha?
Boy: Buddha.
Girl: Why you believe in Buddha?
Boy: Because I'm a Buddhist.
*Girl doesn't know what to say or how to react but of course wasn't judging. Maybe because she didn't quite understand or it was beyond her. But she didn't let it rattle her pure childlike faith.
Girl: God is good, all the time! (starts singing Don Moen's "God is good")
Me : Does your mom pray at home?
Girl: Yes. She prays really long until I fall asleep. But my dad doesn't. He prays very short
cos he's too tired, he works high up in the mountains.
Me : Do you know what is praying in tongues?
*She points to her tongue. I laugh.
Girl: But I know what you mean. =)

Here, we see the mature thoughts towards God from a 6 year old. Not looking down upon others who don't share the same beliefs. Her faith isn't childish but childlike, which is exactly what God wants us to have. She is on the right track and I pray that she will lead many on the right path. And to sum this whole entry in a good way, wanna know her name?


That's right! Her name is Faith!!! What an appropriate name her parents gave her. She is really living out her life truly to her own name and especially to God's standards. Not one bit ashamed of the faith she has. And to her the word "faith" is pretty simple, not just believing in anything..... but in her words....


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