Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A small box of Cornflakes

Yet another day of power-cut in school. Its getting way too often here in KK, typical even. (someone has to do something or anything with this issue, its crazy actually, the power supply here in KK isn't enough to be shared around so they have to cut the power supply in a few places so that it can be used by other places, this will go on for 3 to 5 hours and sometimes even a whole day!!! Where are our taxes going anyway?!? haha, just kidding, I love this country & support it. But for this issue something has to be done)

Anyway, back to the topic. So the 3 year old kids were drenched in sweat cos of the weather-it felt like 40 degrees today! And during break time this girl Alexis took out her 2 boxes of cereals, the small kind though. She wanted to give 1 to her cousin Sheryl, but she didn't want it. So she gave it to me! I didn't know it at first, talk about being slow, so I gave it back to her. She went, '' you want or not, I give you!'' Then I said, "why you want to give me?". "Because I like you!" , talk about maximum cuteness! I love being a kindy teacher so so much!

Children here teach me more than I ever imagined. I witness girls giving their hands to younger girls to hold when their scared, other kids touching faces of peers their same age asking them not to cry, kids sharing their food, and some cute puppy love too.=)

Oh ya, Sheryl also asked Alexis not to cry when she got scolded by a teacher. "Alexis, you want me to teach you to dance? Don't cry already." And then accompanying Alexis wherever she went. Sheryl also happens to be leading the 3 and 4 year old dance when she's only 3. Maturity in a kid- priceless! That's right, no more teacher standing in front letting the kids follow the steps, the children will just look at her! I wish I'll have a daughter like that.....

Working in a kindy
Makes life seem so easy
Care-free children everywhere
Never caring about messy hair

You see different things everyday
Never knowing, come what may
Children acting beyond their age
Giving us a good message

Like how Sheryl touches Alexis
Asking her not to cry
Telling her she'll teach her dance
Hope they don't see my intrigued glance

Or how they come to you
The moment you walk through that door
Showing you what pure love is
Taking your hand, no strings attached

How Alexis gives you her cereal box
Not to gain your favor
But to show her love
In her own words? ''I like you mah"

Or how they speak more then the day before
The words that flow out of their mouth
Its a blessing to see their vocabulary
Extend so voluntarily

Like when Chloe talks about her mom
Or Yew Choon about His dad, mom, baby and kakak
Or even when Pui Man screams
"Kenapa tutup pintu?"
When the door is shut in her face

But what happens after this year?
In this journey I go further
One things for sure
Memories of kids never unsure

Will I feel different
In my life not having them present
Nose pressed against the window glass
I'm on the outside looking in

I wish the best for them
Giving them my best attempt
To love, care and pass onto them
The undivided Love God has put in me

Praying that they'll be grateful
For their wonderful parents
But learning about and never forgetting
The Daddy we share who is up in Heaven.

For Jesus loves the little children!

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