Saturday, October 3, 2009

A heart made of stone

I'm sitting here on my bed
Taking in what I just heard
Didn't know it'll come so hard
Like a lightning it hit so fast

Closed the phone
And didn't know
That the tears will fall
I could not stop

He needs money
so what, I forgot
How can he scream & shout
When money is the issue that's whats about

He should be responsible
That's the way it goes
But in this weird case
Its the way around

Not earning enough to survive
Mainly because of his strong pride
Always wanting to become the boss
Whom always counts his own loss

Family and friends
Have helped all they can
But he's driven them hot
Enough for them to avoid

I'm stuck in this position
Where I really wanna help
But its a situation
Where helping seems hurting

His anger scares
And his pride kills
Everyone around him
But mostly himself

All these started
The moment he walked out on God
Never realizing his loss
Like a blind man who's lost

No one can get through to him
But some say its me and deb
Who can really talk to him
But its so hard, you wanna give up

It seems like his heart is made out of stone
So hard that even rain cannot soften it
But I've seen him cried
And deep down I know he's ever so vulnerable

Is God in the picture?
I catch myself wondering
If He really is
Why all these suffering?

Help me dear Lord
To get through to him
To go past that wall
He's build inside of him

To past that strong frame
To past that broken soul
To past that weakened spirit
And straight to his wounded heart

That heartbeat that goes after the wrong things
Beauty, pleasure and lust
Money, riches and power
None that's on God's list

Sometimes to me it seems impossible
Like I'm trying the unthinkable
Reaching the unreachable
Seems like its unachievable

But God with You
All things are possible
So I put aside my fears and doubts
Expecting true Divine Intervention

I know he'll be saved one day
And I hope & believe that day is near
For he has studied the bible & talked to You before
Wont be strange if he does it again

I'm still waiting for the day
Where I can call him my silver lining
For I'm his flesh and blood
Yet I feel far apart

Feeling like Cinderella
I'm waiting for my fairytale ending
Not for Prince Charming
But for someone far more special

My Father in heaven
Is better than the godmother in the story
For He doesn't need a magic wand
To make things turn out the way we want

So I'm eager for the day
Where I'll spend in eternity
Praising God forevermore
With the loved ones I truly adore

Hope and pray that he's on that list
Really seems like a faraway dream
Those that only come true
"In your dreams"

It seems like a fairytale
But I know its way more than that
Its the truth
And the truth will set him free!


Henry LeE ® said...

wow... i like the heart made of stone picture...

well, the starting is like the song Lemon Tree...I'm sitting here in a boring room...

but urs nicer... keep it up sis! :D

Tricia said...

Thanks Henry!!! miss you a lot eh.. hope to see you soon, and you take real good pictures too!

One23smile said...

t worry about the "person" you write day will be a fairy tale ending. Dont give up. That person need you!