Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doubt is creeping in

Doubt is creeping in
And I just don't like it
It makes its entrance slowly
Without a single sound

I catch myself thinking
Is there really a God?
Does Heaven & Hell exist?
Are there really Dark Forces?

What am I to do
For I was brought up believing this stuff
But why do I feel skeptical
When deep down I should know for sure

"Doubt"-I hate the word
For it makes me seem ungodly
Mind filled with doubts
Tactics of Satan without a doubt

Its been said the more you're high in God
The higher the risk of getting attack by Satan
So how should I go about
Making me in the middle with His assurance around

I'll just have to count more on my faith
And less on my feelings
For this choose my head over my heart
Hope it wouldn't be too hard

For my mind is a battlefield
And I really want to win
To fight my thoughts
That says there's no God

I'm only human
That's why I need God
To help me in this battle
To gain the victory

Human Nature to God's Holiness is dead
And right now my humanely thoughts
Would wanna give in
Therefore I need's God's wisdom even all the more

Halloween's coming soon
And I have friends celebrating
Just found out it's Satan's Birthday
Even more do we need to fight and pray

So right now when the devil is out on the look
I'll be watching too
For I wanna be a watchmen for God
Praying and interceding for those who are lost

Doubt is creeping in
But it's also flooding out
For in God I rest my case
Knowing He's the only way!

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