Sunday, October 25, 2009

How much do you love me?

Was sitting next to a girl preferably known as ''Dora" from "Dora the Explorer" in a 3 year old class while they were learning their 1,2,3's.... she's really cute but wasn't really paying attention and suddenly she looked up to me and asked," How much do you love me?"

I was quite taken aback maybe because of the sincerity and maturity of such a question coming out from a 3 year old, or maybe never in my life would someone ask me that, maybe until then...

She wasn't finished yet, she followed asking "5 or 10?" Then was when I realized to her, the fullnest of love is 10 cos her mind can only comprehend the magnitude of love as 1 to 10, 1 being the less and 10 the most!

I told her 2o, and she went "huh?".... How naive but cute of her! She said she loved me 10 and that truly made my day! Because to her mind, that's the most she can give, for she has only learned up to 10, and that to her is the most! Made me think of God's love for us and more importantly our love for God...

The fullness of love

How much is it?
Can we ever comprehend?
Have we ever felt it?

There's so many types of love
Like from the book "The 5 love languages"
But I bet there's not only 5
I'm sure there's so much more

Love undefined
The world is full of it
But are they truly pure love?
The love that warms us inside out

Singers sing about it
Actors exemplify it
But are those the right ways or words
That truly define true love?

Maybe I want a different kind of love
A love that only my Dad in Heaven could give
A love that is named "Agape"
Easy to convey

Like from "Songs of Solomon"
How it was referred to as
"Unearned love God have for humanity"
We don't deserve it, but yet He still gives it

Thank You God
For giving me Your love
I really need it
And so does the ones around me

I want to say "I Love You"
With all of my heart
Every star in the sky
Is an "I Love You" to You

If 10 is the fullest of love
Then I'll give You a million of tens
Though it may not make any sense
To a child its everything more then just sense

I don't really know how to measure love
But I know its truly endless
We really need Your ruler of love
For the love in this world never measures up

Help me bring love to those who need it
Like the kid with no pants
And the beggar with the stick
Give them feelings that only Your love can bring

Give me love like no other
And also through people and others
For you've put friends around me
That experience the same love as me

They are all part of Your family
May we give you all the Glory
Basking in Your presence
And in all the fullness of Your love

Bring love to this world
For its a necessity that's lacking
Governments talk about everything
Except the need of truly loving

Now the question isn't how much God loves us
For we know as stated in the bible
It's when God asks us
"How much do you love me?"

Whats our answer going to be?
For it'll determine the rest of our lives
The purpose and reason we're living
Care-free or God fearing

I know my answer
So how about you
We all need Gods Love
To love Him back we must do

Jesus I love you
So much more than life
That is my answer
For the moment You're gonna ask


*The last paragraph got me skeptical, cos I'm not sure whether I'm brave enough to be persecuted and lose my life, I mean we can all say that we'll never deny Christ but when the timing comes, will we chicken out? Almost rephrased it but felt in my spirit that I have to state it to be accountable to myself! So it's kinda like a promise to God.... My life is in His hands no matter what happen

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