Saturday, October 3, 2009

Uncontrollable Ironic Situations

As I lay my head to sleep here
Safe and Sound on my bed
Under my protective roof
Somewhere in Sumatra
Kids are being victims of a horrendous typhoon

Not only kids but adults too
The rich the poor
The ones classified as "pretty" or "ugly"
None can escape
For this natural disasters are always merciless

These rage of Mother Nature
Never cares who you are
No status stops her
For you're nothing before her
Just another small thing she ticks of with her finger

While we enjoy seafood
And fellowship round the table
Laughing & drinking to our hearts contend
People are suffering from waves of the very same sea
We caught our delicious food from

Tsunami hits
And millions go missing
The waves so fast
Coming from a distance
You wont be fast enough to say the words "run fast"

The waters swallow humans a whole
Leaving us nothing to hold
Bones and corpse lying around
Are just a small fraction
Of the aftermath of these

We go to the movies enjoying our show
Just us and the screen nothing in between
We laugh when its a happy scene
And cry when its touching
Oblivious of the earthquake happening in China

So many are suffering buried underground
Not knowing whether they're alive or dead
Rescue workers work their head off
Trying to save whats left
Of these unforgiving disaster

People are in clubs
Having the times of their lives
Smoking away & getting wasted
Living just for fun, money never an issue
While millions in Africa is dying of hunger

They are grateful for the next day they're still alive
They fight for whats right
For they fight for their lives
No designer items
Barely things for survival

These situations are beyond my control
But I know my purpose in life
And I'm gonna live life to the fullest
I may ask God why sometimes
Good things happen to bad people
And bad things happen to good people
But beyond that I'm gonna question no further
For its no use sitting here and not rising
To my own calling that was called upon me
I'll do what is right not for the sake
But for the sake of a good cause
I'm no Supergirl neither do I wanna play god
But I'm gonna make the world a better place
With the help of God
With one smile at a time
One hug, a word of comfort, an acknowledgment

My dreams to go to Africa to see the children there
But am I really ready?
And prepared to see what I'm gonna see
The hurting children
Malnutrition, HIV, Kwashiorkor
And the list goes on
Am I ready for all that?
Mentally, Physically, emotionally
And most of all spiritually
Will I start blaming God?
I sure hope not

For everything happens for a reason
And there's a season for that moment
Things are bad so we can see God's goodness in them
They are dark so we can see God's light more clearly
Bad things happen so we can see God's hand even more strongly
We just have to be optimistic
And give our lives to God
Letting Him take over
For every situation or position
That we cant control
We'll just have to leave it to God
For He's always in control

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