Monday, October 26, 2009

Content with Life

Everyday we take things for granted
Not appreciating the car we have
The roof over our heads
The free education
Let alone the 'almost' clean air we breath in
At least we're still alive!

Driving back home
I thought of the conversation I had
The things shared
The miracles and blessings God offered
And just couldnt help
But sigh and be in awe of what God has relieved me off
Of all the trials and tribulations

Of course I've been through my fair share of "unfortunate events"
Talk about depression, peer pressure, rejection, self-consciousness
But God has really and I mean really spared me on other "tough stuff"
The journey I had so far has been a very humbling experience
Maybe I can share another time
When the time is right
Cos whatever shared will be a huge surprise
Except for those who witnessed the craziness of that phase

What I went through was quite big
I will say it was kinda or really like a "life or death" matter
But I learned from my mistakes
And asked for forgiveness
For I've put not only myself but those around me
Through days of sleepless nights and haunting memories

BUT for now.....

I'm content with life
For my life's not only mine
But it also belongs to God
For He knitted me in my mother's womb

I've been through happy times
I've been through tough times
But now I see the light at the end of the tunnel
Even though the tunnel was a very dark one

I'm grateful for the "Kenari" I drive
And for the Kindy I work at
For my family and friends
But mostly my faith

Don't get me wrong
I'm nobody perfect
Though I was an extreme perfectionist
A side of me that almost crippled myself

I though God was perfect
Oh well He is
But we were all born with sin
So why try the unforeseen

That's a part of me
I have left behind
For what's left ahead
Is all in God's hands

For now my heart is filled with gratitude
To the One I truly adore
I love Him so much
Words are not enough

He knows my every detail
My likes, my dislikes, my ugly side
But He is ever willing to forgive and comfort
And change me to the beauty of His own likeness

Same with you!
Just give your heart to Him
And he'll show you everything
From things unknown to infinity

Be content with life
For if you have running water
A roof over your head
And 3 meals a day

You are better than 80%
Of the worlds population
Whom don't share the same luxuries
We have but take for granted

Content with life
That's whats I'll be
For all these I don't deserve
Fallen short of the Glory of God

But He doesn't count this against me
My sins are washed away
As far as the East is from the West
With God I'll go on this quest

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