Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The gift of a Child

The gift of a child
One of the best gift we can receive
A gifts that's so priceless
It's full of surprises

The gift of a child
Covers so many other gifts
Friendship, Love, Innocence
In them there's no pretense

Sometimes we take this gift for granted
Shutting them up
Closing them tight
Not letting them show off their beauty within

There's times we think they're a nuisance
Bothering and time consuming
Never realizing that they're the ones
Who make life worth living

The gift of a child
I open these presents everyday
And everyday I see a new gift
Each one as enlightening as the other

The gift of a child
They just make my day
One even gave me a little card
Just to say a "I love you"

They're always there whether you like it or not
Well I love their company
For you'll never get bored
For they're funny, loving & caring

Sometimes they drive you up the wall
Sometimes they make you laugh your heads off
Sometimes they make you wanna just squeeze their cheeks
Cos their just so cute you can't resist

The gift of a child
I'm glad God gave me that gift
For it also means a lot to Him
He looks beyond what can be seen

The gift of a child
I think its time we give them our gift
The gift of Faith, Hope & Love
For Jesus is the best gift they can receive

I'll forever treasure my moments with them
For time is running & almost up
I'll have to continue my journey in life
Making these moments not present but memories

Time spent in the Kindy is ever so worth it
I don't even regret it one bit
I see different kind of gifts
Wrapped with colorful & different paper

They really are full of surprises
So never despise the little children
For they're part of our family in Christ
A gift that's so precious...


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