Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kids these days

Kids these days... Many people are talking about kids these days, like how they act all grown-up, disrespect, run around, cry out loud! And so much more... I work pretty close with kids these past year, and I think they should get a benefit of a doubt too. I'm not saying that it's ok the way they act what they act, but still, kids will be kids, so why don't we just take in their purity, innocence, love, cuteness, care-free attitude and correct them from their mistakes rather than nag them every single time they make the slightest bit of mistake.

Kids these days
Some sigh at the thought of it
Always concluding the acts
Of these young innocent souls

They really are a blessing you know?
Rather than a burden
Don't think too lowly of them
For they are all God's beloved

I never thought of them the way
I think of them now
These past year has really given me
Revelation after revelation

Of the wonders of these kids
They bless you like no other
With no intention they give without realizing
Just living their lives as a gift for us

Ok, they have their fair share of misconduct
But so do we don't you think?
For we all can act childish at some point
Not setting a good example yet always judgemental

Even recieved a little card from a young boy
Just to say he loves me
And wants God to bless me
His gesture speaks more to me than a thousand words

Or how so many children say they love you
And wanna buy you something
Although they may not have money
They love you for who you are deep within

They don't care if you have pimples
And wear glasses
Or don't follow the latest trends
They accept you with no strings attached

These past year my eyes are truly opened
Kinda like looking through the eyes of God
Finally seeing why God speaks so highly of children
For they really are small people with huge hearts

We can learn a lesson or two from them
For they too are great teachers
Not to scold or shout at us
But to just BE

Jesus loves the little children
I think there's more depth to that than we think
We are all His children
Although not all of us are little

We should take from them
What God desires
Learn what is exemplified
Their love, their purity, their kindness

Many can say that they are a nuisance
I have many friends who can't stand kids
Say their not patient enough
But I guess it's our lost not to be with them

For they open our eyes to things unseen
Unlocking our hearts to pure random acts of kindness
Exposing our souls to the gift of God's love
For they love with no limits

And give with no desire of return
Play with all they're hearts
And lift their hands in prayer
Giving God their full attention

They can be naughty, they can be playful
They're crying may be a soar to our ears
Sometimes unreadable or even hard to decipher
But whatsoever I'll always be in wonder with the ways of...


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