Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Following the Leader!

On the way home from school, I was feeling really tired. So I just rested my head on the headrest in the car and close my eyes, not long after, little Howie (not his real name) beside me took my hand bag out of my arms and hook his into the sling and protectively pressed it against his tummy, mirroring me. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep. It really caught me off-guard. I wondered why he did that....

I am still wondering, maybe he wants to be like me, or maybe he's fascinated by a girly handback, maybe he just did it on impulse, I'll never know. Asked him, but he doesn't speak very well yet for he's only 3. He looked really funny, laying back on his schoolbag, Roxy bag on his tummy with his hand looped through it pressing it with the other hand and eyes closed. Made me remember of the song "Following the Leader" from Snow White. And also how the world laughs at Christianity, the way we just follow God no matter how funny it may seem.

I'm following the leader
Not "Doc" though from the 7 dwarfs
I'm following someone special
Even more awesome than "Happy" or "Sneezy"

He isn't grouchy like "Grumpy"
Or shy like "Bashful"
Doesn't have big ears like "Dopey"
And isn't like "Sleepy" for He never sleeps!

Always on the lookout
For His children and followers
Oh yes, He is
My Daddy and King!

I'll follow Him no matter what people say
For I have great mighty people to follow each day
Some maybe here some maybe gone
But what they have done will never be foregone

Like Noah who built "The Ark"
Or Moses taking on Egypt
Like David too
Whom worshiped God partially unclothed

These people gave everything to God
Their pride, dignity, status & wealth
Plans, thoughts, future & pain
Family, friends and everything in between

They were ridiculed, mocked
Laughed at and despised
Yet they only cared of what God thought
Never letting reality hinder their devotion for Him

And yet they moved mountains
Started a new race
Set captives free
One even called "A Man after God's own Heart"

I want to be like them
Though it may not seem dignified
For Him I'll do anything
From singing to being undignified

For there's this cool song I once heard
"I will dance, I will sing, to be glad for my King
Nothing Lord hindering, Your passion in my soul"
And then in the chorus

"I'll become, even more undignified than this,
Some may say it's foolishness,
But I'll become, even more undignified than this
Leave my pride by my side"...

I wanna really walk my talk
And play out what I sing
To be true to myself
By following and being true to God

People may laugh
People may curse
It really is a harsh world out there
But nothing's gonna come in my way

Just like the game "Simon Says"
I'll just do what "Jesus Says!"
For the reason and for the cause
I'll be sold out to Him who saves souls

For I'll always remember
To never back out on my leader
Saying "He's my God, no matter what"
And chickening out is not an option

For He's up there
Looking down on me
Saying "That's my girl, no matter what"
This I know for sure

For He'll never leave us
For this I'm assured
For He's Jehovah Shammah
"The Lord who never leaves us or forsake us"

That's why I am and will forever be

(The Divine One & only)

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