Thursday, December 31, 2009

1 hour 44 seconds...and counting on...

Its the first 1 hour & 44 minutes of 2010
And I don't even feel like going to bed

Today started wacky
Then it turned crazy
Cos things were kinda messy

Then my feelings kinda went down
But during the countdown
It went high up
Felt like soaring sky high

I questioned God
Asking Him why don't people show
At least a bit of gratitude known

When others (as in Pastors) go out of their way
To offer you condolence they may
And when its time to show up
Its all a no-show

They have other plans
Better than what is planned
But who am I to judge?
When God is the One in charge!

I believe everything today was Divine
Well at least the second part of it
For God works in ways
We never understand

This year was fantastic!
Learned more mechanics
but also got into the Dynamics!
A bigger mixture of what salt & sugar can mix!

I had my seriously low points
Talk about loosing money in the 4 digits
To an almost best friend to begin with
Making me feel down right stupid & silly

But I also had really high points
The children I work with oh such a blessing
The friends I have to share my Faith in church
The adults who've helped me along the way

I colored my hair for the first time this year
Got a distinction in my grade 8 ballet examination
Joined a dance troupe from KL
And found my love of writing

Went paintball shooting and got hit by friendly fire
(It still hurts cos I got shot by my OWN teammate
70 meters per sec, you do the math)
Joined Floorball camp & got hit in the eye
(not by the ball, but by the stick!)
Lost my contact lense
(and still am not sure whether its in my eye or seriously dropped out)

Met wonderful people
And made better friendships
Got my feelings hurt
But never last long cos I know God has heard

And it all rounds up to today
Ok, not exactly today but a few hours ago
When I won a Navinci sofa chair!!!
From a blessing draw never knew it may!

Gave it to someone who needed it more
Tripped and fall on my way up with the chair
4 inch platforms heels doesn't really help
but slowly and heavily it reached where it belonged

Didn't get a thank you
But did saw the gratitude
For the previous chair is broken so bad
The 2 arms are separate and the bottom cushion flat

When I first saw it
I prayed in my heart
That I needed to get him a chair that's all intact

But how? I lost so much money
How will I get a chair?
GAP- God Answers Prayers
And my prayer was answered

Its the first 2 hours and 12 minutes into 2010
And still counting....
I'm sure this year will be ten times better
Cos of the name in itself
And of course God in Himself

He'll never leave me
Sticking by me in the 365 days to come
I love you Lord!!!

It's 2 hours 14 minutes
and still counting
The clock is ticking
Let's better start believing
In Him we live in

2.15 and still counting.........
(But my Daddy up there is what I'm counting on)
Happy 2010 Everyone! Hope you have a great one this year!

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