Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When my faith is questioned

When my faith is questioned
It's not just a suggestion
More like a statement
Thinking it's amendment

Faith versus scientific facts
I rather not choose the latter
For what is there to compare
When stats aren't everything out there

There's no way to box God up
And try to sum it all up
Thinking and rationalizing
In never-ending debating

For God is God
And we're only mortal
So just let God be God
And submit to Him total

Some people don't get that
Cos they stick to the facts
Making stats more important
Than the One who truly made them

How can I defend my faith?
When you keep screaming?
Not giving me a second
To proclaim what I believe in

I know you've read books
And know about scientists
Whom discover things contradicting the Word
But they're starting to align the way it should work

Scientists are discovering wonders beyond all means
Things stated from the Bible where it all begins
Like the day He moved the sun backwards?
Scientists confirmed it after calculation

Ok, so we do have facts which coincide
Making it even more of an insight
But even if they don't coincide
This is the part where faith comes in

"The substance of things hoped for"
"the evidence of things not seen"
Only people with brave hearts will truly be keen

For they're willing to be ridiculed
Questioned and challenged
May not always get the right answers
But with God on our side, victory is ours!

Why do you even bother using your finite mind
To comprehend & understand an infinite God?
He won't be God in the first place
If we'll always have the final say

It's hard when the ones close to you
Don't share the same beliefs
Even harder when 'Heaven' and 'Hell'
Comes in and determine

Paradigm powers perception
And perception powers belief
Its all in the mind
But I'll leave it to the Divine

I pray that one day
You'll see what I see
That God is everything
Way more than we think

Next time when this happens
When my faith is questioned
I'll submit the conversation to You
Knowing You're in the center

Never letting my faith waver...


Tricia said...

cool Trish... i enjoyed reading it...

Tricia said...

oops! it's me!! your yiyi hehehe