Monday, December 7, 2009

Home is Heaven

Its been 6 days since grandpa left,
4 days since his funeral,
Yet I don't feel the impact
As hard as I tought I would feel.
The moment I got the call,
saying that he has gone to be with the Lord,
I didn't know what or how to feel,
The feeling was just stagnant.
Wanted to blog about it there and then,
But couldn't even face my blogpage,
Maybe I couldn't allow reality to hit,
Didn't want my thoughts to be confronted.
Maybe I wanted to believe he was still here,
Sitting at the end of the table,
Waiting on for his favourite food,
Ice-cream something he truly liked.
But through the process,
Of his wake services and funeral,
My family learnt a lot,
More about the celebration of life
rather than the mourning of a lost one.
He is in a better place now,
although I miss him a lot,
I wont be missing him forever,
For I'll see him again 1 day.
Home is Heaven, and 1 day we'll all be reunited.