Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas is here and it's almost gone
So let's wish our loved ones
Before time is lost

A time of giving and sharing
A time of Love and Hope
But most importantly
A time to remember our Lord Jesus

Well not exactly
I think we should think of Him all year round
But maybe make it more visual
This time round

Christmas is about His story
But making it more sorry
People have covered it
With Santa Claus, reindeer's and elves
Emphasizing on oneself

Counting the presents we'll have
Or whether we'll get the right one this year
Focusing on things everywhere
Sometimes neglecting the One up there

People celebrate it for the wrong reasons
Maybe a chance to get tipsy
Or to act all too wild
Reducing and affecting the meaning of Christmas

But the bright side of it?
Every other religion or culture
May not be celebrated the whole world round
But that's not what Christmas is all about

Americans, Asians and even Indians
Celebrate Christmas everywhere
The whole earth is reliving the birth of Christ
Whether they're conscious about it or not

So let's take this time
And thank God
Of all the wondrous
Things He has brought

Let's think about the poor
And keep them in our prayers
The widows
That God will give them strength

God is coming oh so soon
Let's take the chance
To give Him more room

Pray for the unsaved
The lost
Our loved ones
Who don't know God yet

That we may spend
All of eternity together
In God's hands

Christmas comes only once a year
So let's not neglect
To wish our loved ones
A "Merry Christmas"

For we don't have many chances
To say this in our lifetime

so for now
for the last time this year
I wanna wish you all a

(& Stay close to Jesus)

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