Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Like Sand...

I guess things aren't always as they're perceived to be
Only standing at that situation face to face you'll see
Realizing that it's not all rainbows, unicorns and butterflies
More like when hard brutal reality strikes

You take a step back not knowing what you're against
Breathe in breath out allowing it to sink in
But not deep enough until it drowns you
Struggling hard to stay afloat

And then you go on YouTube in search of a 'remedy'
Hoping that this is when the 'power of music' kicks in
Deep down realizing there's something more tangible you're looking for
Click on 'Kim Walker' to see her express gratitude and love to a Higher Power

"Waiting here for You with our hands lifted high in praise"
"And it's You we adore, singing Hallelujah"
Slowly you feel life come back to you
Cos you were made to worship

And ever so gently the pain, guilt, fear and anxiety fades
Allowing God's presence to invade
Life is all about this - the ups and downs
And the beauty of how we have emotions

Like holding and grasping on to grains of sand
The harder you hold onto them
The quicker they sift out of your grip
Until none is left

So I open my heart to His presence and allow the pain to fade...like sand...

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