Monday, July 7, 2014


What came my way was unforeseen
A 'shot' I thought never coming
Something that resonates at the back of your mind
Doubt pushed away and friendship remained
Bringing hurts and disappointments

I realize that all it takes is one thing needed for it to heal
Of course plus the comfort and presence of God
But that's inevitable so it doesn't quite count
Like how the Bible is always the world's best seller
Therefore taken off the list

That is -TIME.
Time not wasted but lived for and put to good use
Time taken to cry, sob and to ask "why?"
Time spent with true friends constantly by your side
(Even if they're halfway across the earth)

Time taken to play the guitar allowing the tugging of ones heartstrings
Time reading the bible and understanding more of Him
Time to go through the exciting, mundane and tough parts of life
Time getting through ones "to-do-list" or to do nothing
(Doing nothing it seems is as important as doing something)

Time to look up into the night sky gazing into the wonder of the Creator
Time for assignments and rushed deadlines
Time for a novel or a good read just for relaxation
Time for my heart to heal
(Surprisingly better and faster then initially thought)

Time to think of family and loved ones back home
Time to pray and talk to God about all that's within me
Time to pamper oneself with a face mask or treatment
Time to think about what come after this
(Without the crippling effect of the fear of the future)

Time to worship my King
Time to Skype, Whatsapp or Telegram
Time to edit pictures, videos and documented memories
Time for glorious food and ice-cream!!!
(There's no such thing as no time for ice-cream)

I can go on and on and on about how time is so amazing
Almost magical, a miracle
It cannot be returned yet there's so much more to be redeemed
A lifelong journey full of wonderful intricacies
The unknown mysteriously unraveled

Never have I looked at time like that
And never would I look at it the same again
It was time that revealed His resurrection
Time that God slowly took to create this planet
Time that healed my broken heart

It's a great time to be alive.
Though the weather is sucky and seagulls noisy
Readings amounting and workload increasing
Unforeseen unwanted circumstances
And glitches in life

There's also wonderful friends and heartfelt laughter
Great movies to watch on netflix and free shows at the cinema
Really cheap shopping and reasonably priced food here
Most of all it's the wonderful presence of God
Making it all the more worth while living

Yes, it's really a great great TIME to be alive.

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