Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Counting down my days,,,

I'm counting down my days
Days where I'll be in college
Can't wait for this new phase
The adventures & challenges I'll face!

Nervous and naive
But excited and curious
Scared and shy
But full of life

All kinds of emotions
Bottled up inside
Hope they don't erupt
When counting down is up!

Who will my roommate be?
What kinda friends will I make?
Will I be accepted?
Will I be cheated?

When will I adapt?
Will I fit in?
How about my grades?
Will I get through this phase?

So many questions
Running through my head
Hopefully they'll get their answers
In my college days up ahead

So many needs
So many wants
Will I succumb to peer pressure
Or be secured and rest assured

That even though I may want
New clothes, new shoes
And everything in style
My God, My Lord is what I truly want

You'll be there with me every step of my way
As I walk through this leg of my life
Not sure whether it's through a tunnel or stream
A road in the dessert, city or beach.

It may be all the above
And even more then what is searched
But for all that's unearth
It'll make up for what it's worth

God is by my side
So who can be against me?
It's me and God against the world
Or maybe in this case "college"

When I cry myself to sleep the first few nights
Please be my "shoulder to cry on"
When I get lost on campus
Please show me the way
When I feel neglected
Please make me feel accepted
When I feel lonely
Please help me know You're beside me
When I don't have a friend
Please bring one in my path
When assignment are overwhelming
Please help me stay in Your presence
When the world seems upside-down
Please help me get it right-side up

And for the hundreds of questions that are yet unheard of
My fears, my doubts, me feelings,my anticipation
My hopes, my dreams, my loves, my LIFE
You'll be my answer that will truly be right

I pray for my classes, my hostel, my roomie
People that I cross path with
The church that I'm going to
And most of all my journey of faith with You

I promise that You'll be on my mind
The center of my life
The One who drives and motivates me
In living life to the fullest

For even as I walk through this phase
Arm linked with You
Counting down my days
To whatever I'll face......

You'll be with me so
College life here I come!!!!

12 days to go

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