Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mystified to be Clarified

Life's a blur right now
Don't know why and how
Things mystified
Life's far cry
To answers
Not seen or loud

Where should I go?
What should I do?
Everything's new
Do I do as I should
Or do as I would or even could

For these "would", "could's" and what not
May not even seem what they should
I may be lying to myself
Subconsciously altering God's still small voice
Focusing on signs and advice
When the answer is there but I just don't see

In this new phase I go
Another step closer to adulthood and maturity
I imagine the worse which is kinda like a curse
I'm steping on lilypads that floats but dont hold
Every step may be just lucky
And I may just drown once I hit reality
Stepping onto a lilypad that just look's pretty

But life's not like that
And it should not be
For God is my Rock
My One true security

Life's no lilypad
Not even thin ice or a castle of cards
For with God I'm more than secure
In that I can be truly assured

Things may be hazy
And I may be blinded
By the haze or mist
Or even the morning sun
But just for that teeny tiny moment
Temperal really,
When everything seems obscure
And my life's seem to be on hold
You will be with me
Every step of the way
As I make it out of this mysterious garden
Into clarity, the centre of Your will

When burdens are heavy
Your yoke is light
When trials are tough
You'll give me the peace
When my faith is shaken
You'll be my Rock
When there are so many options
You'll reveal Your opinion
(Giving me the choice of freedom,
I promise I'll choose with wisdom)

When I'm in darkness
You are the light
When I'm weak
You are strong
When things get out of hand
You are in control
When I have issues
You are bigger than my problems

When life is all mystified
There you'll clarify
Slowly but surely
I surrender my life

Just use me
Broken by You & for You...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

do not listen to so many voices of people around still and know that He is God..
listen to His voice only..
and you will know the desire of His heart for you..

christine goh