Friday, April 23, 2010

Idol Gives Back

Just watched "Idol Gives Back" and it's great to see so many stars use their status, fame and name to give to America and parts of Africa plus places like Ethiopia. However, it was quite sad and mind boggling to see so much poverty and diseases robbing the lives of millions each year. It's crazy!!! To think that we already have so many problems affecting our lives, yet sitting on the couch watching malaria kill a child every 30 seconds is just way beyond the biggest most possible hard-felt issue I have gone through! We're talking about lives of innocent children here! (Makes my desire to get a few more jeans seem so cheap)...

"Idol Gives back"
More than just a charity act
Stars, celebs, and people with respect
Coming together for the sake of a fact

The fact that millions of children die of Malaria
Malnutrition and bad conditions

Women giving the best gift ever
The gift of life and they die trying
Babies born without mummies
Husbands left alone with no companion

Seeing all these makes me wonder
The same question I hate myself asking
"If there's a God, why all the suffering?"
"Why the pain, the hurt, the dying?"

Seeing this videos makes me wanna cry
Does God see them and does He cry?
If He does why not reach out
For they'll be healed without a doubt

There are so many questions I wonder "Why" & "How"
Thought I was convicted and already believe
That God sees and help
But why all these?

It just doesn't seem fair
Children living life without a care
Picking food, choosing toys
Which is quite a share

While other kids strive to live from day-to-day
A 10 dollar mosquito net could save a live
And a mere few dollars could bring food on the table
A dollar a day to raise a child

I'm glad that "American Idol" sees
And is helping as much as can be
But does God see?
And smile upon the effort of these people?

It's crazy to ask such a question
For we already know the true fact
That He cares more than we know
Even helps where man cant

But seeing this footage
I cant help but wonder
God You're the answer
And I want to see
If "Idol" can help
So can You a million times more!
Just help me trust and believe
That these people have the aid they need
And faith in You cos that'll determine
Whether they're suffering will end with Joy.

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