Thursday, April 29, 2010

Standing on Transition Point

Standing on a transition point
Not sure what is the next step

Am I on a cliff?
Ready to soar up high
Like an eagle to spread my wings and fly
Or to fall in my failures
With the feeling of defeat

Or on a road?
Where thorns and nails are in my way
Prickling me in a painful way
Or smooth tar up ahead
Where the journey isn't all that bad

Am I by the sea?
The salt water washing painful memories
Healing and making things new
Or salt added to wounds
Just pure pain and hurtful

Or in a dessert?
Where everything is dry
A stagnant feeling with no one in sight
Or refreshed and filled with hope
When I find my well

Am I in a forest?
The concrete jungle
I will learn so much for everything's new
Or lost and not found
Camouflaged by my surrounding

Or on a ship?
Ready to sail to the farthest seas
In search of what life really means
Or ready to sink in
Into a sea of immorality

Am I on top of the world?
Feeling liberated and full of freedom
I'll try not to get distracted by all the glitter
Or would I fall in abomination
Into the traps of this sinful world

One thing I know
Is that I'm on a journey of faith
May be in the dessert or by the sea
In the oceans or floating on a ship
But wherever I go
Something I know
Is that my Daddy King
He's always with me

It may be scary
It may be fun
It may be stuff I've never expected
But standing here on this transition point
I am fully secured
For I know that like the center of gravity
Things will eventually come back to its core
God is my anchor!
Please see my point! =)

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