Friday, September 10, 2010

A Broken Home, A Broken Heart

Just came back from his place
And after months away, I must say
That things haven't really changed
In whatever way

An almost empty home
Owned by a lonesome loner
The condition of the house
Depicts the condition of his heart

A broken closet stripped to its bare
No top, no sides, just 4 legs and a drawer to spare
A refrigerator that cant stay close for long
A paint can with bricks have always been the trick

Kitchen cabinets that cant stay close too
Bricks in tissue boxes as "stoppers" they will do
Sofas worn out to its base
Sponge out, wood seen, making it a pitiful scene

Carpet with its sponge so flat
It could pass off as a toilet rag
Slippers worn here, there and everywhere
For the inside, outside is seldom swept

How do I reach him?
And make obvious of what's already seen
The depressed state he's in
Almost a lifetime it has been

Another year and he'll be 6 decades old
The clock is ticking
And he's still not believing
How can the devil be so deceiving?

What is there to do?
What is there to say?
When everything points to The Way
But his blind spot is in the way!

What I can do now is seek God and pray
To never give up or be dismayed
To believe there is hope
And believe there's a way

For when the time comes
And when the impossible happens
It would truly be the end of
A broken home
And a broken heart...

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Anonymous said...

really touching and sad-theresa