Saturday, September 4, 2010

The end of my 1st semester

Its 4.29 in the morning and I'm still not yet sleeping. This will be my last post in hostel for this sem and weird but true, never knew I'd feel this way in such a short time. The sense of belonging and homeliness I feel here is more than I can imagine. I guess God has worked it all out for me. I'm gonna miss this place even if it's just for a few weeks. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to go home to KK and see my family and friends, I miss them, I really do, but it's hard to be torn between two places you call home. (Another "first" feeling I have never felt until now, maybe I should keep adding stuff to that blogpost, then again, maybe not =p)

May 9 was the first day I stayed behind

In the hostel I slept, hoping I'll be fine

Missed my family, missed my home

Cried myself to sleep for I felt so alone

Fast forward 118 days

To go back home I shan't delay

It's 5th of Septemeber

Can I cope? that's something I wonder

Torn between two homes

That's so not a norm

For I never believed

That I'll be so attached, undeceived

I've learned so much in this first 4 months

Of my first college phase, its more than mere fun

The lessons learned and friendships earned

Are so overwhelming, better than what I truly deserve

I've learned to be independent

To hand wash my clothes at the right timing

And to be mindful in my spending

To do my devotion everyday

Even if I don't feel like it, I shall not sway

To accept people even if they're not your "type"

For people are special in God's eyes

I've learned to bath more often as well

2 to 3 times a day, LOL

Without a heater =(

I still wanna be cleaner

Met a group of awesome youngsters

Who meets every night to pray and fight

When I say fight I mean spiritually

For I believe the devil aint happy with youngsters praying

Especially at this age, its very rare

And spiritual warfare the devil wont spare

(It's just soo cool that this deserves a post on itself =D)

Done so many other wonderful and crazy things too

Went to Melaka for a photo shoot

Won the MC title in TalentTime Night

Went to McDonalds til its 4 in the morning

Joined the prayer group that prays 4 nights a week

Went to Ipoh for a Hillsongs conference

Played Floorball with a bunch of pros

Attached myself to a group of Indian friends

Did an assignment from 8pm to 10am (nonstop!)

Got kicked out of a game arcade for squeezing our butts into rides "only for children"

Watched a Glee marathon til 6 in the morning

Never ate so much ice-creams and waffles in my life

And it goes on and on...

The best part, I enjoyed myself through it all

to be cont, my laptop batt is gonna be flat..

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