Sunday, September 19, 2010

They just don't seem happy

Another upside coming home is that I get to watch Oprah! ok, so she maybe into New Age and stuff but her show is quite informative and interesting to watch, I really look forward to her episodes =)
Just saw an interview with the "Twilight" cast and another old one with Micheal Jackson. Seeing the part of them "not-acting" or performing really opened my eyes to another side of who they really are and what they really feel despite the red carpets and millions of fans.

Bella,Edward, Jacob...
Characters fans are crazy over
Mom's dissing their duties
To relive their first loves and memories
(Twi-moms, I just don't get them)

They seem like they have it all
The fans, the money, the fame
But even in an interview
Loneliness poorly disguised is viewed

You can see it in their eyes
And from the answers they give
With not many friends
They rather stay home on a weekend

Millions of people will do anything to be in their shoes
Yet somehow compared to them I prefer where I am

Michael Jackson
The King of Pop
Always being on top
But what a sad battle he fought

A battle that should not even be a battle
If he had the confidence he wouldn't have to face
The controversies of his nose, skin color and kids
Trying to make up for whatever he thought he missed

He changed a whole generation of dance
With his "thriller" and "moonwalk" (seriously, he's talents are beyond me)
Yet he doesn't see himself
The way his million of fans and God sees him

It's easy to point a finger
Like my typical self
Always criticizing stars for the tiniest wrong they do

But this time seeing them in the interview
I cant help but feel sorry for them
It's like ....I don't know
I guess they wont feel a complete fulfillment til they have what I have
An awesome relationship with God

For Michael Jackson
It may be too late
But some people said he accepted Christ the last days of his life
That's just rumor but I sure hope he did
Cos life on earth didn't seem like a pleasant one for him

As for the "twilight" stars
1 or 2 are Christians I think
But I guess you could rate where they stand in wanting to star in movies that comprise of vampires and werewolves...

Maybe I'm wrong about this whole issue
Maybe they are happy on the inside or in their own privacy
I don't know
But seemingly what was seen in that interview
They just don't seem happy
And when God sees his own unhappy
He's unhappy as well
I hope they'll receive Him into their lives not just on a superficial level
But on a real genuine one
For it's only then
That they will find true happiness
That will last forever into eternity...

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