Saturday, September 4, 2010

The end of my 1st semester (reflection)

Sitting here in KLIA's McD, reflecting...

So I guess what was given to me was way more than what I was expected. I think I have grown so much as a person in this 4 months.They say college life is the best time of your life, and I'm already believing it. I'm just but starting to embark on this journey, and the lessons learned are already so many. Seriously thank God for His grace and mercy.

My alarm has turned from mommy's nagging to my hand phone ringing
My hands has become my own washing-machine
My allowance's no longer handed to me but I have to find Mr. ATM
My timetable is flexible making indiscipline even more capable

I've learned so much
About lessons and myself
Never knew I was that gullible
That is something I'll have to work on
Same with my blurness, and my laziness, and my procrastination...
K, I should just stop there. XD

Of course life in college wasn't always a breeze
There were times where I felt rejected, inferior and almost depressed
Times where I called out to God but didn't get an answer
Feeling alone and hopeless like life's not worth living

But God was always there
I guess its all part and parcel of His big plan for me
Allowing me to go directions I dread
Letting me fall to pick me up again
I may not or will never understand His ways
Why He allows certain situations and circumstances
But deep down I know His ways are higher than mine
And so all the more better, kinda hard to comprehend

Thrown into a world where swearing and flirting is all ok
I had to find friends that would only go God's way
With the culture shock, glad I met a flock
Who most of the time had God on their thoughts

It made it a lot easier to be who I should be
I wasn't alone
By God's grace He has shown

I also learned or was even forced to solely rely on God
For He's the one who for me will go against all odds
Friends come and go (something I totally dread!)
But He by my side will forever remain

I've learned so much
More than I ever thought
Just this 4 months
And I've already been to Ipoh and Melaka

In college for every aspect
The sky's the limit and that's just the beginning
Every friend I've known
Every lesson I've learned
Every emotion I've felt
Has played a huge part in this reflection

But most of all
It's truly God
For He knows it all and what the future holds
Just humbled and honored
To know that I belong to Him
His daughter, His child
Forever protecting me through this journey in college...


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Journal Blogger said...

you was once disciplined? amazing never knew. does those friend that go God's way include me