Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It's 2.22 a.m. and I'm still not sleeping
Checking notifications on FB
Doing assignments and checking gmail
All in a days work
Its just that my days work is only starting

I have been really really really busy lately
To the point where I have a heap of clothes unfold
Some still hanging on hangers to dry
Table full of books, things and stuff
That I can't seen to put anything anywhere cos no table spot is in sight

2 days of public holiday has gone in an blink of an eye
Time isn't really on my side these days
And thus, the late late nights

Almost got so overwhelm just now knowing that I'm gonna be attack
As I am physically and mentally tired
This vulnerability has caught the attention of the devil
And it seems to wanna make my heart beat faster
Enter in thoughts and fear of the future
Making everything seem so utterly worthless

Tomorrow and the day after
Classes from 8 to 4
With few breaks in between
So help me God

Assignments and tutorials pile up
I just can't seem to handle it
So busy with CF
Have I forsaken academics?

Talked to my mom on the phone again
Telling her that I won't be sleeping yet again
Assignments up and time is up
By my own strength it shan't be done

As she prayed for me and I for her
I got reminded of how my friend and I prayed together
After an amen your worries miraculously disappears
Because suddenly you look at circumstances through the eyes of God

You suddenly realize although all your life you'd have
It's kinda overrated saying that we should see it from "God's Perspective"
But the truth of the matter is that prayer works
And after praying you see that God is way way bigger than the situation at hand

The heaviness in your heart leaves immediately
And you have confidence in yourself knowing that God will see you through
That because I took care of God's business
He would surely take care of mind

As long as through this busyness
I never loose focus of God
And then is where I realize
That God has been with me all along

So close
So near
So real
That I don't really feel busy after all.......

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Mr Lonely said...

same.. time not enough.. T.T

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..