Sunday, October 30, 2011

Open Hearts

Open hearts
Which takes me by surprise
Subconsciously, I see Faith arise
To personal preference they start to demise
To all that have been spoken they did not deny

Open hearts
I just stand amaze
At what God is doing in your own lives
Of the biblical truth you did not deprive
And even on little understanding you stand on what is right

Open hearts
I see your persistence
On doing your part in our God-man relationship
In fulfilling your role
As a true follower of Christ

Open hearts
I just don't know what to say
Seeing you being so interested
In something that is (unrightfully) controversial
You're putting aside personal preference
And that's a big step to redemption

Redemption of the times lost
The emotions caused
When you thought you walked out on God
And followed the ways of this earth

Open hearts
I pray that you'll experience what I've experienced
A Heavenly experience I can't fully fathom
To just break down Satan
By believing in the supervention

Open hearts
Revival takes more that one person
More than just God (He can but He wants us to be partakers)
It needs your participation
And your perseverance

Perseverance when no one's open
Or when they look at you one kind
Questioning your doctrine
Belittling your intention

Open hearts
I can just see the many things God's gonna do through you
If you continue to seek His face and know His hands
To understand that you are truly His beloved
Worthy to do be his heir and to do His work

Open hearts
Just continue to stay open
For God does not like us lukewarm
We either get in or get out
Or just totally get run over

Run over as in if we continue to stay on the fence
Compromising for the sake of integration
We kinda compromise on the way God wants to manifest
Sugarcoating and just hindering the true work God wants to bless

Open hearts
Continue to stay open to the things of God
And not of this world
Be cautious of what you let in
For the heart is also where He resides

Open hearts
I'm humbled and blessed to have you as friends
Showing me that God cares and He shares
Good things that He wants His children to experience
Heavenly experiences and all of His promises

Open hearts
Frankly speaking I was afraid to share
Fearing what might people think
But with your persistence and childlike faith
You have erased all of that

Open hearts
Seeing you making sure you heard my whole experience
And the crazy things God is doing in my church
In that mamak stall what I truly saw
Was a "Welcome" sign at your hearts door

A sign that speaks of maturity beyond your years
Welcoming the move of God wanting to hear more
Without a judging or questioning spirit
Of course you have to check it
And not just be led by blind faith

Open hearts
I am truly blessed by you
I pray that God will expand that opened heart of yours
That you may experience the wind that will just rush in and through you
Setting your hearts ablaze with the refiner's fire

Open hearts
I can just go on and on and on
Because I'm just so amaze at your openness
And view on this amazing move of God
Things to you just don't seem to be odd

Open hearts
May you continue to love God with all you have
And to know that you are truly save
I still stand amazed
At the open hearts you have

Open hearts
You know who you are
And I totally love you
Am praying for you
Knowing that in mighty ways
God is gonna totally use you...

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