Friday, November 20, 2009

2 jobs 2 many.....

2 jobs too many
Having too many jobs is really hard
Ok, maybe I should be grateful it's only 2 & not 3
I should be grateful!
But really, am I?
One I love
The other not so
Should I decide between them?
Not a tough one though
For I'll pick one the moment I'm asked
It's tough to be waking up at 6
Finishing at 12.30
Drive off to the next destination
Rushing in the traffic
To get to work that is
Didn't I go to work in the morning?
Well, I have 2 jobs you see
One facing Kids
The other facing the computer
Easier said than done

I have a sleeping problem
Still working on it
Take a nap on the office floor
(a locked room of course)
And work starts all over again
It's hard to sit down
For I'm an extrovert
Harder to get things done
For I'm not really discipline
When Facebook is what I'm envisioning
Been scolded at
Been complained about
Shed my tears
Wrestled my fears
And thats what life's all about

You see I enjoy working at the Kindy
But there's this someone who kinda bullies me
Looking down upon me
She shouts and orders
Maybe thinking a year of experience gives her the right

Or maybe cos my mom's also working there
Making her feel intimidated?
Took her throws at me for almost a year
Glad I stood up the second last day of work
Never backing down, holding my dignity

It was really tough though
Why did I wait so long to stand up for "me"
Just ignoring or turning away when I felt hurt
Really made her feel disturbed
"Righting the wrongs" putting feelings in place

And then there's this complaint about my timing
Timing sounds nice for its actually lateness
I rush of from work to work
Making it less easy for me
But of course I also have a part to be blamed
I learned from my mistakes this past year
Talk about losing my phone, friendship & money
Loads of money that is
But nothing near which could buy friendship
I'll restore my friendships for money can be earned back

2 jobs 2 many
I'm glad I didnt write this the moment I felt it
The hurt & pain will drive me
To write things nasty and unworthy
Of the lessons and experience I have gained

I'm better off than a lot of people
Now I truly understand
That God loves me and tests me
Will put me in tough situations but nothing I cant go through
Well if it does happen, He'll give me the strength
2 jobs 2 many
I think now it's just a saying
For I've found where I belong
In the centre of God's plans for me
And for now

2 Jobs Just Doesn't Seem 2 Many!


HenRy LeE ® said...

u lose ur phone again? haiya.. do less Facebooking and no one will complain anything :)

Tricia said... my phone was the same incident.. but i'm recalling everything mah... hehe... to reflect on this year. I'm good now, though but still working on the fbing...haha..