Monday, November 23, 2009

Waking up in a place I love

To wake up in a place I love
A gift from the One above
The feeling of it is so refreshing
Even more than swimming or bathing

As the girls are still sleeping
I am here thinking
About the blessings I've recieved
From every person here I have seen

They are different in so may ways
Sadly its too short, the number of days
I wish I could stay longer
Fulfilling my satisfaction of truly belonging

For its so easy to just click with them
No invinsible wall in between us
It could be days, months or even years
But when the contact comes its laughter & friendships first

My friends they just bless me in so many ways
Not just girls with straight A's
We laugh, we cry, we share
Of all our memories we dare

Waking up in a place I call home
Means more to me than to just mourn
This town and "kampung" is not where I was born
But its place where true friendships birth

I never feel the same among friends like them
After a long distance & time spent apart
We always continue right where we parted
Different from others where both sides need warming up

Thank God for Friday
But even more for friends
For I cant live without them
It'll be like fish in low waters

God is always with me
But to prove it more physically
He has placed me around
The world's greatest people

We share the same faith
And hold onto the same teachings and belief
That's why we can talk so freely
And sometimes argue more willingly

To find accountability in each other
To be true to oneself
Never compromisong our beliefs
Although thoughts maybe sometimes different

Thank you God for giving me another chance
To come back to this place I call my 2nd home
The girls here mean so much to me
As I ponder on the goodness of them as they sleep

Thanks for giving me a chance
Of waking up in a place I truly LOVE!


Evelyn said...

Ms Poet... enjoying your stay there? Eat more and have fun!

Jen said...

Cekap! =) I totally understand what you mean, minus the whole parts about the girls la - i've no sisters. =P