Friday, November 6, 2009

They see what no one else sees

I just realize
That children see what no on else sees
I mean the things are there
But we're too busy to notice
Never really realizing

Whether it's a pair of new shoes
A new scrunchie
The flower on my dress
Or the fact that I didn't wear my contacts
And had to wear my glasses

They see and comment
Its usually good though
Or in pure wonder
Just for the sake of asking
Or for the sake of knowing

The slightest new thing they see
Never fails to delight them
They find beauty
In all things around
Never finding a reason to sulk

"Teacher you wear new earring?"
"Why your hair tie so nice?"
"Why you wear glasses, you cannot see ah?"
"The flower on your dress so nice!"
"Teacher you buy new shoes ah?"

All these questions
Always catch me in wonder
Of the little things in life we take for granted
Always working, never relaxing
Disabling us too find beauty in the right things

We have to take a step back
And breath in the goodness
Of what God has given us
From the mountains & oceans
To the smile on someones face

To be grateful and content
Not being caught up in all our busyness
Though some people take pride in that
To take pleasure
From the littlest details in our lives

These children kinda mirror God
Seeing what no one else sees
Our feelings and emotions inside
Covered & hidden by a mask
Or by the things we busy ourselves with

God sees everything
Our past, our present, our future
Our hopes, our dreams, our failures
Everything from the inside out
He sees when no one else sees

So don't worry and just be blessed
For our Dad in Heaven
Knows us through & through
Cast our fears upon Him
And He will give us rest

We should learn from Him & these kids
To not just look but see
Whether its the fidgeting of a friend
Or the beauty of a butterfly
To embrace every passing moment

Like a girl I look up to
Rachel Scott- a martyr of faith
Always wanting to be a
"See-Througher" and not a "Look-Atter"
To see within and not look on the surface

Let's all be like that
And take a step back
To see the beauty in life
And learn what the children do
The way they resemble God

To see what no one else sees......


Henry LeE ® said...

is there a typo at the 1st paragraph? other than that... nice writing.. very meaningful

Tricia said...

Whats a typo? can explain? I dont understand... but thanks though =)