Monday, November 16, 2009

What can be more beautiful?

Isaiah 60:19-20

"The sun will no longer be your light during the day
nor will the brightness from the moon
be your light,
because the Lord will be your light forever,
and your God will be your glory
Your sun will never set again,
and your moon will never be dark,
because the Lord will be your light forever,
and your time of sadness will end."

Came across this passage during my quiet time and this section really jumped out at me, made me rethink of life on earth and the beauty we see in God's creation. However, what is it really when compared to the beauty we'll envision when we spend all of eternity with our Father?
Life is beautiful through our eyes
Beautiful trees and mountains surround us
The sea connects with the skies in the distance
Making it seem like a pure blue sheet
As delicate and soft as the fur on a sheep

We see thousands of species
From flowers to walking creatures
Unique in their own way
More than words could ever say
Sometimes taking our breath away

What can be more beautiful?
I catch myself saying
But after reading "Isaiah"
I go now in wonder
Of the place I'll spend in eternity

What is more beautiful
Than the bright morning sunlight
Or the brightness of a full moon
The beautiful color of a sunset
And the denseness of a clear dark sky

Or the silver lining I saw while driving today

The mix of orange and blue
Doesn't sound quite right for it's hard to describe
Caught my full attention
Making me drive in not very good motion

What actually can be more beautiful
All these seems to be a "wink" from God
Aren't these enough?
To us it may seem

For we're nothing short of human

But in God's perspective
And through His eyes
There's stuff a million times better than that

More beautiful than we can ever imagine
As stated in the book of Isaiah

For the Lord will be our light forever
And also be our glory

The sun will never set again

And the moon will never be dark
Not because they don't want to

But because they don't have to!
There will be light forevermore

Because of our Lord

And times of sadness will end

No more weeping, no more crying

That's right!
Picture a life without sadness
No emotional or physical pain
It's kinda impossible for we've never felt it
I'm just waiting for the day when I'll run straight into His arms

Tell me what can be more beautiful?