Sunday, November 15, 2009

What matters most...

Driving back home at 11.30 at night
Felt really contented and grateful
That I had a friend who could help me
Sort out my bank statements
The acronyms I couldn't make out

Although I lost a lot of money
From a friend I thought was more than just funny
The pain is starting to subside
No more a matter which coincides
My thoughts and thinking, making them right

Hard to comprehend the matter that happened
Harder to get over it and manage my emotions
But life is tough, oh yes it is
And whatever life throws at us
Don't take it alone, but together with God

I've done my crying
I've done my weeping
But that's over now
And I can't let my emotions run wild
Life goes on, and it's how I take it

I'm glad of my response to this
The fact that I didn't fall into depression
Making it a worst situation
I talked to my close ones
And most importantly talked to God

Even though it was a tough one
I embraced myself
Not letting it get to me
With the help of loved ones and God
I came out of this learning a true lesson

I wont be too naive and gullible
The next time I come across someone with compassion
Although I feel the compassion
It's not necessarily I act on it
For God knows we're no superhero

So as I lay my head to go to sleep
I thank God for everything
His blessings and the different ways
Of teaching me stuff
That comes out of true life lessons

I don't look at this matter with hurt & regret
But of course I learned my lesson
Even paid a huge price
My family and I
So I'm ever grateful to the ones God placed around me

Although tough situations happens
Making us go hay-wire
Even though the sky may fall down
I know my God loves me
And that's what matters the most!

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