Friday, February 5, 2010

American Idol

I'm kinda really interested in watching American idol now, maybe cos Kris Allen won the last Season, amazing yet shockingly! Everyone thought that Adam Lambert was gonna win, cos the world really seems as dark as it seems, its getting darker everyday, I'm never gonna put my light away! (as in Jesus living in Ok, I mean Kris was working with the church's worship ministry and Adam was gay.. no offense to him but did you watch his video on The VMA Awards?!
Ok, now i'm feeling a bit to self righteous, so scratch the last part!

Anyway, everytime after I watch an episode, I cant help but feel inferior, cos though I love watching it and seeing people getting closer to their dreams, I cant help but also think of the millions more that didnt. Its not only that, when watching youtube, seeing past American Idol winners go for their first audition, or looking at Disney Channels' young stars get interviewed or even seeing the cast of "Twilight" get mobbed by crazy fans, it kinda makes me feel smaller, like 'I'm a nobody with no talent', a 'zero' in the ladder of community or maybe in the ladder of Hollywood.

But then I think again, just because people like "Kelly Clarkson" or "Carrie Underwood" are really really good singers and happen to give the glory to God, that doesnt mean that God made a mistake with me! God broke the mould when He created me! And the mould was also broken when He created you! hehe.. ironic as it sounds..I Guess loads of moulds were broken when He created us. Each one, unique in our own special way. American Idol starts in a few minutes and I cant wait to watch! But this time I will watch it with dignity in my heart knowing that I'm a girl of God and nothing can take that away from me!

Cos 1 thing's for sure...

I don't have to be an American Idol to praise my Jesus!!!


HenRy LeE ® said...

i really think adam lambert was better than kris allen... hmmm

Tricia said...

Henry! haha..ya. Adam was better technically and vocally but i think America sees the attitude too! =D
Its kinda like the battle between good and evil! they were complete opposites, but I guessed God turned the whole thing around cos logically Adam should have won...