Sunday, February 21, 2010

Complicating applications

It's 5 in the morning
But I'm up and not sleeping
Maybe it's the mosquitoes
Maybe it's the way I grow
(like as we get older the less sleep we need?)
But I seriously think it's the anxiety

With college applications
Being all complicated
For all that is stated
Everything must be given
Or you'll not get accepted

Birth certs,results, i.c and everything in between
Not certified?
Then it's as good as blank sheets
So many places to go
So many errands to run
What if I don't meet the dreading deadline?!

These applications are so complicated
Almost making me feel dehydrated
(In a metaphorical kinda way xD)
But there's an application
That is so much more important
Yet far more easy and certain

It's not easy in the literal sense
But it's good in a wonderful way
To go against how the world sways
To be a "Jesus freak" and not be weak
The BIBLE is the application
That's all we need!

Teach me how to hum it
Cos I don't know the words to this song yet

The words to this song
That starts a new chapter of my life
When I get to college or If I do get in
Help me live a life
That's pleasing in Your sight

As I dance to the beat of not my own drum but Yours
Help me live a life that points straight to You
I'm scared, even terrified
Will I survive or will I deny?
Only time will testify

But now as I'm still in my shelter
Help me understand better
That I don't have to be afraid
For with You as the Bible said
"All things are Possible"!

Help me know that though it doesn't seem
Being a christian is as easy as it's deemed
That as long as I read my bible and pray
Have a relationship with you that comes as easy as "Hey"
You will be there by my side


It will never be as complicated as applications
For You are my firm foundation
The application that I truly need


Jen said...

WOw. Your post spoke to me. Thank u trish. =) At one of those particularly low points of my life right now. Thanks for reminding me that He's always here for me.

Tricia said...

Hey Jen!
Glad this post spoke to you, i'm also quite stressed out right now, but knowing that i have friends like you who have been through all of these college stuff and still come out ok comforts me a lot. letting me know that I'm not thank you as well!

PS:thanks for commenting cos i'm not even sure whether ppl do read these stuff, you've just given me another reason to keep writing what I write!!! Thank you sooo much!!!