Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The skies

The skies these days
Just keeps me amazed
At 5 it's a perfect blue with beautiful white streaks
At night as 1 friend said is
A darker blue almost black

The moon so near
You feel that is here

Right here in your neighborhood!
Words can't describe it
The beauty of some creation
That totally seems unreal
Another of the many ways
God's proof that he is not only REAL
But sincerely near

Driving to pick mom up
Thank God for the traffic (for once)
Giving me ample time
To clear my mind
From the hectic cars on the road ahead
To the skies up above my head (or the car in a way)

Saw birds in the sky
Couldn't make them out
Were they "Bangau's" or "seagulls"
The clear thing
They were white

Counted them
10 to be exact!
8 flying in a unison "V"
Another 2 trying to catch up

Thought the slower 2 would eventually loose them
But no they didn't
Their pace was even
Making the sight pleasant

Its crazy how God works you know?
The way He shows us that a higher power truly exists!
From the skies, to trees
And grizzly caterpillars to the least!

How His work of art can be seen through the shades of white & blue
And the bright orangey yellow in the moon so close

Giving me promises to hold
For God is truly in control
Of my future and whatsoever untold

I wished I had a professional High Definition camera
To capture the moon, the birds and the sky
But for now I don't
So all I can is take a mental picture

Keep it in my memory
Trying never to forget it
For the beauty God has painted
Even in the simplicity of
The skies...

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