Monday, February 1, 2010

Dreams will just go as far as dreams.....hopefully


It has always been something pleasant for me
Not the dream in itself but just the thought of it
Cos sometimes we may have nightmares
Or even dreams with no meaning we don't really care

It was like fantasy or even an escape
To dream out of unreality
Reaching the unreachable
Dreaming the impossible

But just years ago my aunt told me
That dreams weren't just mere dreams
But another way God shows us things
And I'm realizing it's true as though it seems

It can be good, It can be bad
May be literal, may be not
You may have to interpret it in a more serious way
Not just believing everything as some may say

Never really bothered about the dreams I dreamed
More on what others had to dream
Finding reasons to what they really meant
Putting together clues of what God made seen

And then a BOMBSHELL!!!

Deb dreamed a dream
That was seriously unforeseen
Scary and frightening
Unbelievable, unthinkable
And everything in between

Its to serious I have to keep it a secret
But it was really "creepy" I sincerely admitted
I was in the picture and so was my sis
Plus another person I will rather omit

I was shocked at first
Then I got scared
But the fear turned into anger
And I really felt the latter!

Not because of the situation
But because of my reaction
In the dream that was recalled
Making me feel indignant

Got it interpreted
Hope it is what is seems
Please, no more than mental stuff
For touching the physical
Will be so much more irritable

I just pray God will help me get over this dream
Hoping that this dream will only go as far as a


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