Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My hands shake as I held them...

My room is in a total mess right now.
And I don't know what Deb's gonna say when she walks in to take her schoolbag tomorrow.
Seriously, there's nearly not an inch of space to walk on.
I guess that's what you get with last minute clearing for college.

Anyway, was looking through all my junk wondering what to bring along with me.
I cant bring much, so I chose to bring my sentimental items rather than empty files and notepads which can be bought there. Can't bring much.
Kg's are a big issue, so I'd rather bring memories rather than stationery's.


Going through stuff that's slightly different from junk
Came across items that are far from trash or junk
Letters from the past, Making memories last

"Love Letters" to be exact
From a small little city, "Alor Setar"
Friends from afar but always at heart
Relationships that blossom right from the start

The more I read
The more my hands shake
The words that were said
Went beyond what they meant

Was I really that 'good' a person?
A 'role model' at that?
A friend at arms length
Always ready to give a lending hand?

I sure hope I was
As what was written and said
But one thing's for sure
They were all of that to me

To start from the top
I will say "thanks a lot"
To A. Lee Cheng & A. Pam
For teaching us the essence of "Wonderful Letters"

If it's not for them I won't be reading this letters
They helped us nurture relationships
Between Friends, Family and especially God.
We were like more than just family, though it may seem odd.

I have proof!
And it just blows my roof!
All those letters are kept in a box
The one sure thing I will bring overboard!

Thank you friends for being so nice!
You know who you are
but you may doubt sure you might!
I'm talking about you!
To you that came for the slumber party
at A. Lee lee's!

We had such a great time didn't we?
Playing with water and flour
Making a big mess
Giving ourselves no rest!
6 "Ayamas" chicken
To 3 teams were given
1st group to finish
The winners that is!

There were Laughter
There were tears
I felt the pain
and tried not to faint
Thought that leaving a/s was going to be hard
And with all your speeches and letters
It really was Hard!
(Talk about the tissue box at the center! XD)

But at least they're still here with me now
"Safe & Sound"
Will cherish them forever
And to throw them I will never

To those that wasn't there
But was there in the spirit/letter (lol!)
Thank you soo much for being a part!
My best friend Sujin!
Who couldnt be there
Made an attempt
To write and be represented
You're very much appreciated!

Ok, I cant just help but thank you by your names,
Jeslyn, Michelle, Kelvin,
Daniel, Rachel, Gerard,
Eileen, Carissa and Charissa (XD)
Zuyi, Jeffery and Elodie
And to Sulyn for standing in for my best friend Sujin!

Of course this wouldn't happen
If it wasnt for A. Lee Lee!!!!!
Alowing us to make a mess of her house
(But don't worry we left it spic & span, IF my memory's correct =S)
And A. Penny for bringing a bunch of us to Penang!
Again to A. Pam & A. Lee Cheng
For making us believe in
Not only ourselves
But others and God!

Not forgetting friends like Ah Ben and Carmen!
Who wasn't there in person.
We're just 1 family
ONE body of Christ!

I sure MISS & LOVE every single 1 of YOU!!! May our relationships last and share one thing we must! To love God first, other's and ourselves, that way our lives will be such a BLAST! (in a good way that is!) Ok, just writing all these makes me relive those times, I think I'm sounding quite childish right now, but I don't care!!!! Cos you're all soooo RARE!

From the deepest of my heart


sujin said...

miss u lots too dear!
i have all my love letters still =)

xx sujin

miguel say said...

nice 1... usually i don really read ppl blog... but today u make me read for 2 to 3 times.. God bless!