Saturday, February 20, 2010

Do I Dare?

Was reading the bible when an embarassing thing happened.
Ok, this is gross and I apologize, but I think this is important.
Reading while eating the delicious "Dott's" eggtarts, my saliva acidentally fell onto the pages.
I know! I'm clumsy! Tell me about it...
Anyway, after a little self-rebuking on my own, after all it WAS is a Bible, I couldnt help but remember of a video clip that was shown in church about churches everywhere being persecuted.

Different scenes were played out.

One was of an underground church being attacked by chinese soldiers.
The people were asked to stand in a line with a Bible right at the front
and they were to 1 by 1 kneel before the Bible and spit at it, its either that or your life.
Everyone took their turn spitting at the powerful


For what is that to saving your own life right? At least its just an act without vocal denial, better than denying Christ.
So what if its JUST an act? Its an act of rebellion against our Lord!
Anyway all these happened until it was the turn of a young girl to spit at the Bible.
She didnt follow the adults or grannys, instead; she wiped of the saliva of those who spat!


She was shot to her death immediately!

To the people there, they may think, "poor girl... didnt know what to think, for a simple act of just spitting at the Bible would have saved her life" but to God its a whole different scenario...

She stood up for Him, by wiping the Bible she was making a stand!
That young girl was beyond the maturity of every witness in that room combined. She stood up for the Lord. With my saliva accidentally on that page, I felt really bad for drooling on the bible.(though it was an accident) and even though I whispered sorry, that was just me by myself.

What if I'm caught in the same situation like that little girl who lost her life? Will I run off and try to escape? Will I follow every adult in that room for the sake of my life? Will I spit at that Bible? Do I dare? Is my fear of God greater than my fear of men? Its easy to say now, but I really hope I'll be abe to, with the strength of God and my freedom of choice, to stand up for what is right. For when I'm confronted with a gun at my head, to deny Christ or to leave it all to Him.When that time comes...


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