Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jesus Culture Band

Its 3 in the morning
And I just cant sleep
Its not the 4 hour nap I took this afternoon
But this new cd that I'm hearing

Jesus Culture Band
Taking worship to a whole new level
Not letting time limit them
Nor allowing cool riffs to distract us

The simplicity and sincerity in their music
The way they sing the songs they sing
And play the songs they play
It's just freaking awesome!!

Wanted to take a walk
Just to spend some time with God
But then it started raining
And I bet that He wants me staying in

To continue to listen to the songs
That literally gives me goosebumps
Ushering me into His holy presence
To not try but to simply flow

"Love Never Fails"
The cd goes back to song 1
And my tears starts coming
Without any warning

Read a book before this happened
While listening to this cd my friend burned for me
The songs were so intense
I had to either quit reading or unplug my earphones

Is it possible?
For people to be able?
To bring heaven down?
And make His presence known?
Making His love real?
His grace felt?
Feeling Him like He's right there in the room?

It's just crazy how God works sometimes
To touch you through a cd given by a friend
Or to come across another friend's blog featuring the soundtrack
(I first came to know this band through a friend's blog)
Or to hear it in a friends car all by coincidence

It's not Hillsongs you see
We hear them everywhere
But its another worship team
Subtle and not under the lime light

Their songs are so strong that they compelled me
To turn on my broadband all over again
And to just take this post now
To blog at 3 am for the glory of our Lord

Woke my roommate up
But just couldn't stop singing to the song playing in my earphones
I was being as soft as I can
But when the spirit comes it comes and it is unstoppable

This band is truly "one of a kind"
For who dare say that they will live a "Jesus Culture"
Its a lot to live up to
But with hearts abandoned they are willing

No fancy names nor fancy clothes
Just pure hearts of worship
They're not only gifted and talented
I believe they were appointed

Just like Hillsongs and Planet Shakers
To usher people into the Holy of Holies
Where we can meet our God face to face
Just caught up in the embrace of His holiness

I wish their cds were sold here
Too bad they're arent
Can someone please help get them a license?
(lol, just joking! but there must be a reason why they're not sold here)

Go hear them out!
They're really good
Not cos of their strong vocals
Or good guitar skills
Neither cos of the cool drum beats
Nor the catchy tunes

Ok, all this come into consideration

But its the honesty of their lyrics
The sincerity in the way they sing
Their hearts cry to not relent until God touches them
To fill them with a love that never fails
To tell God how beautiful He is
To be daring to say
"Where You go I will go"
"What You say I say"
"What You pray I pray"
Truly following a "Jesus Culture"

They are not distracting
But points us to Christ
I think they have helped me with my worship
Sometimes you just dont have the words
But they have helped me say some things I never thought before
Through their songs
They're just being real

We should adopt a "Jesus Culture" as well
Saying "Here is my heart, You can have it all"

For isn't that what true Christian living is all about?