Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Checked my results
They were better than expected
Glad I could maintain my CGPA
To God be the glory
For I do it all for His name

But so what if I did well?
Would I not praise Him if I did less than average?
Does my results really define the person I am?
Or is it just a stat that will be forgone the next sem?

We all say that its ok
Just do your best
And leave the rest

But I do believe that our marks and results
Do define or maybe show and reveal a part of us
Some way or some how of some sort

Like obesity.
It is the result of gluttony and over-eating.

Big Mansions.
The result of hard earned cash whether dirty or not.

Our Spirituality.
The result of time carved out to spend time with God.

So results do show a little of who we are
Whether we have put in enough hours into our studies
Whether we paid attention in lectures
Whether we took down enough notes
Or do tutorials to say the least

But there would never be a definite answer
For some students spend hours studying
But not getting the results they want or even passing
While others party away and do last minute reading
Yet they score really well or way above average

So does an A1 = A Genius?
A 100% = Someone Perfect?
Or a C- = A Retard?
And a 0% = Someone Stupid?


People cant be judged based on numbers or alphabets
They have to be known
To be heard
To be seen through the eyes of God

So don't tell me you're stupid just because you didn't too well in your exams
Or that I'm smart cos I did ok

We're all the same one way or another
And God didn't make mistakes when He created us
I bet you are better in stuff that others are not
So just leave it to God and live your life to the fullest

Besides we have more important things to do
Than cry and get depressed over poor results

Lives are at stakes
There are fishes everywhere
And we are called to be fishermen

I'd rather concentrate on the result of my faith
True outward righteous living
From the inside of a vulnerable heart
Where studies are focused on the Word
And listening to the greatest Teacher of all
In the form of seeing miracles
And just living in the centre of His will, grace and mercy

Results of tests and exams
Are only earthly standards
But I want to live up to my Father's standards
And that to me is the result that truly matters...


konghui said...

haha. out of ur expectation which u dreamed abt it!! >.<

Tricia said...

Lol!! ya I dreamt about it! but it was not that bad lah, i dream I gor 3.1 only..but its way better than that! Praise the Lord!