Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When God messes things up

Things have not been going on as planned so far
One thing after another
Problem after problem
Directed at us in ways unknown

Why do these happen?
Isn't it too much to handle?
We're only at a college level you know?
How come so many hindrances?

To plan such an event
We will have to work with God hand in hand
For once we take the focus off him and onto the plans
We miss the whole point and without an Anchor we sink

People getting sick,Plans being questioned
Being called a cult
And the so many times it rained during our outdoor prayers
Isn't it all enough?

Yet I see interns taking leaves
People working 'til over midnight
Countless of corresponding emails
And groups praying in the rain

I can't stop but to just think in wonder
Of all these spiritual giants
Young in stature but big in faith
Not allowing the devil to take over

Things may not go as planned
People may pull out the last minute
There will be sleepless nights
And there are already plans of revenge
(In a joking manner, but we've already prayed and asked for forgiveness =))

We may get distracted and deviate from the core purpose of it all
But God is our constant reminder and always brings us back on track

Just look at the prayer meetings
And the committee and all that are involved
Giving their best in all they do
And trusting God in all the rest

I believe just through this Easter project
People have grown in faith by leaps and bounds
Not only in character but most importantly in our faith
Thanking God for even the screw ups

I've learned something from everyone here
Their servants heart
And heart of worships
To make the fullest out of their college years

I am truly blessed
To be surrounded by such wonderful people

The event is 2 days away
And still there are things that are not half way there
But in God we trust
And to believe in revival we must

And through it all
One thing I have learnt
We could come up with the best plan possible
And people will give their best they will
But when God messes things up
It will seem like a total mess
But trust me
It will be beautiful
For He knows His ways even though it may seem illogical
You better believe that there's a bigger plan
And I'm learning every step of the way!

God is good. Out of the box. But good. =)


hobbit1964 said...

Love your poetry.
In the ultimate end, what then can we do when God messes up?
Can we see through the pain that He doesn't?
Yet in our finite temperaments, in truth we may be enraged that He allowed our wrought plans to spiral out of control, and it is mere religious restraint that stays us from shaking our fists at Him.
After all, we can't win.

Tricia said...

so true =) and thanks for the compliment.. But I do believe God sees our pain sometimes even more than we do. He knows everything =) but its true that He will win in the end so what we can and should do is give our best and leave the rest to him. thanks for your comment.