Saturday, May 7, 2011

Did God Really Come?

On the night of 3rd May, I was really really tired. Took a nap and slept straight away. Awaken by my alarm to the time that showed 10.15. "Could I skip prayer? How did Xp and the rest do it" I thought to myself. To go for prayer every week night for a year. 

Went to our prayer spot and no one was there. Someone came and I was truly encouraged, but left his bible and said he'll be back. He was gone for about 15 minutes. Leaving me there with questions and loneliness. "Would the rest be coming? Why are they late? I bet they're not as tired as me so they have no excuse. Do they even want to come for prayer anymore? Or should I stop the meetings so we can spend more time with the harvest?" My flesh came in and nonsense followed. Paced around praying to God. "God, if you want me to stop prayer group then please tell me." Seriously, I think it was me who wanted to stop it, directing the question to God to feel more substantiated. Heard the word "stop" which stopped me in my tracks. Listened closely again and heard the words "don't stop prayer group" 2 times. Wasn't very convinced with the direction prayer group was going, didn't feel the commitment from myself and others. Above all, I felt loneliness. (No kidding)

Eventually they came and it was already real late, almost 11. Tried to put on a smile and make prayer meeting happen. 2 new girls came, freshmen full of life. Ever so grateful to the one who brought them. One new girl even brought down her torchlight, finally we could see each other and flip our bibles more easily. Accidentally asked them to turn to Matthew 28 when it was suppose to be Matthew 10. Corrected myself and talked about the harvest being plentiful but harvesters few. Asked a girl who was going through persecution to sit in the centre of our circle so we could pray for her. What happened next no one would expect.

As we laid our hands on her and prayed, someone saw Jesus sitting beside her, telling her everything would be ok. After some time, the girl being prayed for started speaking in a different tongue and her voice was somewhat like thunder and lightning but also of a loving grandfather. It was authoritative yet loving at the same time. Truly hard to describe. The voice called us "My children" and told us many things like "I am here and the end times is near". A lot more that are more personal but nevertheless it touched most of us. I cried, the others cried and even a guy cried. That was how powerful and overwhelming the whole experience felt. The guy playing the guitar started to strum in a way he had never strum before and his fingers pressing the chords did not feel any pain. It was like the Holy Spirit took over. Recalling these still makes my heart beat faster. Some of us felt static in the hand that was touching her. The voice was so loud and powerful people from the canteen came out to see. The whole experience was truly indescribable.

When the encounter ended, all I could do was put my hands to my head and say "What just happened?" Even the guy next to me was so overwhelmed he leaned down with his guitar. I asked the group how they felt. Besides some being speechless or even with no reaction due to skepticism I think, most of them said they have never had an encounter like this before. It was scary yet we didn't want it to end. Though it was 1 plus, we talked and talked and shared our feelings. It was all good. Society Day was on the next day so some of them left, but some couldn't sleep. Discussed the whole experience with 2 of the core people. We all felt doubt creep in during the encounter but rebuked it immediately for we didn't wanna miss out on anything. One girl even said that during prayer in her heart she prayed that she could see, feel and hear God. God came before us, literally, so near. 3 of us didn't want to got to bed. The presence was still there, we didn't want the feeling to end.

Clear conscience came in the next day. Was it really God that came? Or was it another? If it was really Him, why the change of voice and some questionable content. But it didn't stop us from sharing the encounter with people. Despite the doubt, we just couldn't keep out mouths shut. I guess that happens when something unheard off has happened right before your eyes. I bet not a lot of people can say they have had such an encounter.

Whether God really came or not is still something we have to find out. But whatever happened I thank God for it, for He must have found us fit to allow it. To know that we could handle it whether good or bad and to trust that we would use this as a learning tool. I stand in awe with the way things are going and how God is leading. The 2 freshies were so excited about the encounter they asked whether this happened every night. Truthfully, no. It was our first. But they said they were definitely coming again to continue to pray with us and intercede for our college. So there is something good that come out of it. The girl was blessed, these freshies were excited, and the older ones were comforted. We were all speechless.

Most importantly. God answered my prayer. The hostel prayer group MUST go on. And to go on it shall.


ѕћåüñ said...

i see it now.. :)

prayer is a powerful thing God gave us, but not a tool, moreover, not for desperate times.

i would really want to reconfirm you, DO NOT STOP PRAYER GROUP! and that's 3 for you! you've seen and tasted it's goodness, how could we even bore thought in our mind and soul?

isn't it that has been written, "and in EVERYTHING, by PRAYER and petition, present your request to God.."?

for me, XP did set a really good example on how important the prayer group has been, in some sense it's your legacy to continue it!

Since we're surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, let us THROW OFF EVERYTHING and the sin that so easily entangles. So let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

I for first as a witness, and also as a senior, will cheer you on. And for this reason, that God is always with us, continue His works that He has entrusts us with.

It is really great to see that the prayer group is still going on, and I don't think you'd understand how much that mean to me. Keep it up!

I'll end this with a quote and hope this, you would really cling on to it as your motto or motivation.

"Do great things for God, expect great things from God."
- William Carey -

p.s.: I'm feeling very Paul-ish (like writing a letter, lol) I don't know why am I writing in this way..

p.p.s.: Just a strong urge to write this, to encourage you, hope it does..

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