Sunday, May 22, 2011

You are not alone

So many things have been happening lately
Caught up in my own emotions
Seeing others get caught up in theirs
Making me feel all the more worry

It's not easy neither is it good
To be going through the same vicious cycle
Over and over again
With no form of breakthrough or escape

The feeling? - HOPELESSNESS.

We feel we're not good enough
Or even good for nothing
Doubting our true value
Priceless in God's eyes

We ask why
We ask how
Why does this happen to me?
How did it even start?

Whether you feel depressed
Or all alone
Sick of yourself
Needing someone to hold

Know that you're not alone
For there are so many people going through the same thing
The same emotions and the same feelings
Having the same wants and needs

Do not let your present sadness hinder you from future happiness

For as we fight the feelings that we feel
And push through the heartache and depression
We will be able to see the light or that silver lining
And that eternal happiness?
Nothing comes near

Talk to God
Casting all your care upon him;
for he careth for you
(1 Peter 5:7)

There is a light at the end of this tunnel
And as you crawl through what seems to be of no escape
Know that you're not alone for there are people around you
And most of all there's a God who adores you

That tunnel may give you scraped knees
And a backache
The feeling of being lost
In a scary maze

You may not see the light just yet
But in due time, in His time
You'll find your way out
And look back onto what seems like a priceless journey

It is a part of life
Don't shorten it "just because"
Live your life to the fullest
By not being the finisher of it


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